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Birdwatching Tour of Trinidad and Tobago

The twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer the bird watcher a wealth of species on a par with the "bird continent" of South America. Here are many of the typical Neotropical bird families: woodcreepers, motmots, jacamars, toucans, cotingas, antbirds, and manakins. On this sort of tour usually 150 to 230 species of birds are seen.

During our stay we'll see things only seen and heard in the Neotropics: the explosive wing beats of White-bearded Manakin during their court-ship dance; the echoing, anvil-like call of the Bearded Bellbird; Frigatebirds riding the Trade Winds; the metre-long, snake-proof nests of the Crested Oropendolas. We may be lucky to see some of the increasingly rarer birds, like the Red-bellied Macaw, the Great Black Hawk, and the White-tailed Sabrewing hummingbird that was thought to have been lost from Tobago after Hurricane Flora in 1963.

The Itinerary:

Day 1
Arrive at Piarco International Airport Meet and greet/airport. Transfer to Resident Hotel

Day 2
Day of Leisure.

Day 3*
Explore Low Lands, Arena Forest (seasonal evergreen tropical forest), Waller Field (savannah and palm marsh forest) and Agricultural Reserve station (cattle pasture and disturbed forest).

Day 4*
Today we visit the man-made ponds at the Pointe-a-Pierre wildfowl sanctuary, Caroni rice fields and will take lunch at Waterloo (coastal mud flats) at low tide. Our day ends with an evening boat trip into the brackish water wetlands of the huge Caroni Swamp. We will pause in the maze of mangroves to see the massive evening roost of the beautiful Scarlet Ibis.

Day 5*
Trincity Sewer Ponds (yes, exactly that!!) and East Coast and Nariva Swamp (birding off bridges over rivers, fresh water wetlands and road side in wetlands, rivers in disturbed areas).

Day 6*
Transfer to Asa Wright Nature Centre. Birding on the way (disturbed and undisturbed rainforest, agricultural areas and grass lands). The ornithologist promises that "we will stop at one or two of my secret spots".

Day 7
Through tropical rainforest to Dunstan caves to see the nocturnal, fruit-eating Oilbird (Guacharo), a relative of the nightjar and one of the few birds to navigate by sonar.

Day 8*
North coast and Northern Range, Blanchisseuse, Marianne river (rainforest, river mouth and rugged coast).

Day 9
Mid morning transfer to Piarco International Airport for 15 minute flight to Tobago. Meet and greet/airport. Transfer to Resident Hotel in the Crown Point or Mount Irvine area.

Day 10
Day of Leisure.

Day 11*
Visit to Buccoo Marsh (fresh and salt water wetlands) and Grafton Estate (semi deciduous forests).

Day 12*
Depart from Crown Point area at 0900 to Speyside hotel (Manta Lodge or Blue Waters Inn), visiting the montane forest and the Hillsborough Dam area on the way.

Day 13*
Glass-bottomed boat trip, viewing the spectacular reefs, to the protected wild life sanctuary on the island of Little Tobago (deciduous forest, high rocky cliffs).

Day 14
Leave Speyside hotel at 1600 for 1830 flight to connect at Piarco Airport with BW900 at about 2000 to Heathrow.

* Ornithologist with group on these days. 


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