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The Secret 'Best' Seats:

Towards the back of some airplanes, you'll find that the blocks of seats may have one less seat in them. These rows are often considered to be the best seats in coach class because you have more room, side to side, and sometimes more room in front of you as well. You are way at the back of the plane - not otherwise the best part of the plane to be in - but if you're on a long flight, the extra comfort may be worth the several extra minutes to get off the plane at the other end.

Why use a Travel Agent? Your professional and experienced travel agent is your best bet in pre-booking what is personally your ‘best’ seat!


When buying an airline ticket, be sure to ask your travel agent to assign you a seat on the aircraft. If you arrive at the ticket counter without a seat assignment on an overbooked flight, you will probably be one of the first to be 'bumped' off the flight and be forced to take a later flight - which can be several hours to even a full day later. Having a seat assignment in advance can reduce the risk of getting 'bumped' on an over-booked flight!

A Guide to Charter Flights:

With Summer Travel comes the usual increase in Charter Flights. If you choose this travel option, be sure you fully understand the conditions of the charter flight you are purchasing. Your rights are spelt out in a contract with the charter operator. Read it before you pay any money.

bullet You usually pay penalties if you cancel.
bullet The tour operator or airline can usually cancel a Public Charter for any reason up until 10 days before departure.
bullet All charter flights and ground arrangements are subject to changes.
bullet No "open returns" are allowed on round-trip charters; you must have a fixed return date.
bullet Your charter may be delayed.
bulletYour baggage can't be checked through from a scheduled flight to a charter, and vice-versa.
bulletYou might find seating space for your charter plane to be more crowded than you're used to.
bulletIf a charter flight hasn't sold out shortly before departure, the operator can sell seats at bargain basement prices to latecomers.
bulletYou may find that you are allowed less luggage than on scheduled carriers.

Charters offer nonstop flights for an affordable price. They can be a wise travel investment if you can be flexible in your travel plans. Just be sure you know the conditions for the trip you're buying before you pay for it.

* The above is meant to be a general guide to charter flights. Each Charter Flight will have rules and regulations specific to its operation.

Why use a travel agent? Great agents stay abreast of the most current and timely promotions: Via daily faxes, agent-only e-mail transmissions, and their relationships with their district sales managers, travel agents obtain the most current promotional information

Here are some tips we know will be helpful to you while you are packing your bags!

bulletTravel light: This is the most important advice you can get about packing. Airlines have strict rules on the amount and size of both carry-on and checked baggage. Smaller and lighter bags are not only easier on your back, but are also easier to stow in the overhead compartments.
bulletUse luggage with wheels: A suitcase with wheels, or a baggage caddy, will help make trips easier, especially if porters are not available.
bulletLimit your luggage: Limit yourself to one suitcase and one carry-on bag. Baggage restrictions may vary from flight to flight, but a good rule of thumb is two bags per person.
bulletSelecting clothes: Choose clothes that will coordinate around one or two colours, and packing will be made easier if you make a list ahead of time of things you plan to take with you on your trip.
bulletMiniature toiletries: Prepare a kit of toiletries in small plastic bottles to save space and weight. Don't fill bottles to the top if you are flying because the pressure may cause the contents to expand.
bulletAnticipate what you will buy at your destination: Include a collapsible nylon tote bag that will fit easily into your luggage to accommodate new purchases and other articles that always seem to expand on repacking!!

The trick to travelling is to become informed so that you may enjoy your journey to the fullest!


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